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I was born 1976 in Barking a suburban town in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, in northeast London. My Interests include Business, Science and Technology; I’ve also the ambition to speak “Greek”, fluently. So far, I can ask for a cup of coffee with milk!


I have worked in the web industry for over a decade and have built hundreds of websites, the most successful of which is mydish.co.uk, a recipe sharing social network. It appeared on the BBC Dragons Den in August 2009 with Carol successfully acquiring the investment of Deborah Meaden. I took the original concept from kitchen table chat to a fully functional website, today I am a happy shareholder in the company and consultant to the CTO.


From the age of 12 I can’t remember wanting anything other than to run my own business. Since leaving school and throughout my twenties I worked for myself, don’t get me wrong, my history is peppered with the odd job here and there; particularly when the “big idea” of the time didn’t quite work out the way I expected. My first “business” was selling electronic components to my college student friends, which led to my second business¬†and so goes the tenuous link between each subsequent venture.


My business is important to me, but it doesn’t come close to how important my family are to me, I’m supported and spurred on by my beautiful Helen and children, Eloise, Jack, Amie and Amelia. I keep telling them that I may be a workaholic now, but one day ( Rodney ) one day; we will be millionaires!



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